I-Spy at the Man & Scythe

There is an awful lot to discover and learn about at the pub. Come along and play "I-spy," see what you can find...

The miniature pub

This is one of two miniature pubs inside the Man & Scythe - this is the larger of the two. A miniature Man & Scythe!

Can you find it? Perhaps inside there are mini regulars, and a miniature miniature pub! 5 points.

The Replica Tankard

James Stanley's Tankard

This is a replica of the tankard which, for many years, sat on the arm of the chair which James Stanley sat in prior to his execution. It was purportedly the tankard from which James Stanley took his last drink. As you can see it is extremely large, the Earl probably needed a lot of Dutch courage...although he ended up headless, rather than legless. 5 points.

Bullshit Corner

"Bullshit Corner"

Can you find Bullshit Corner? "Bullshit" is more of a metaphor here than anything else. Listen carefully to see if you can hear some! 15 points

The Date Stone

This cites the date of the mordenisation, and is one of the mysteries of the pub. What does A.H. stand for? Nobody seems to know...5 points.

Old John's Chair

This unique barstool often goes unnoticed. It belonged to "Old John," a regular and stonewaller, who was almost a celebrity among the punters. People would always buy him a drink - so many, in fact, that he couldn't keep up! Therefore the landord set up a system of bottlecaps so that John could drink at his own pace, but still let people buy drinks for him! 10 points.

Zulu Warshield

The Zulu Warshield

The Zulu Warshield is one of the stranger decorations at the Man & Scythe and is tough to spot. 25 points.

The Ghost of Lady Charlotte

Our resident ghost, Charlotte de Tremoille, was the wife of our beloved Royalist James Stanley. Rumour has it that she wanders the inn, pining for the loss of her martyr husband. 10 million points.

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